Snowy Headshot Session

The lovely A. had contacted me a few months back regarding new headshots and some photos for her website, but with one thing and another, it took us until last week to find a time we could both do – singers’ lives are crazy!

Given how much I like to use natural light, it was a real bummer to wake up to a dark, foggy, snow-on-the-ground morning.  But sometimes when life throws a photographic curve, you actually wind up with something far better than you had “planned” – that was certainly the case with this shoot!  We started inside and got some terrific shots, but as soon as I saw the beautiful red dress she had brought I knew we just HAD to try and take some pictures outside in the snow.

She was game so, armed with a pair of my too-big-for-her snow boots and her own fur-lined coat,  she and our wonderful MUA Monica trekked out behind the house  to see what we could do.

Sadly, it started to drizzle shortly after we started shooting (I just love that you can see raindrops in some of the shots!), but we still managed to get some pictures of that amazing red dress….