Lifecoach session

One of the most amazing things about opera singers is how many of them are capable in so many more areas than “just” singing, or even in music. Now, granted, some of this might be born out of necessity (most of us have to pay our “day job” dues while launching our careers), but I also think it’s that a lot of opera singers are just incredibly interesting, creative, capable people who know how to reach their full potential!

M is no exception. I’ve  known her for several years as a talented singer and conductor, and now, she has developed a concurrent career as a life coach.  She needed a wide range of shots to use for the assorted strands of her life  – ranging from casual, to business, to formal – so we had a blast playing around with lots of different looks.

Of course, once a diva, always a diva!  Once she put on that gorgeous sequin dress we couldn’t resist doing some super-glamorous shots….


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