Spring in the air….

One of the best parts about being an opera singer shooting opera singers is that I get to hang out with my friends and play dress up!  N. is a wonderful soprano – we’ve sung together many times, and always had an absolute blast, so it was no surprise that our shoot last week should be equally fun.

She wanted a new “traditional” headshot, so we started with those.  Her own foyer provided the gorgeous light for the indoor shots – I want her house for a studio (or at least her Magic Light Entrance Hall)!   And is that hair gorgeous or what?

N had decided she wanted to do lots of outdoor shots, so we found loads of nooks and crannies in the beautiful Bolton Hill district – it’s such a gorgeous historic neighbourhood, with  hidden little parks and beautiful architecture that are a photographer’s dream.  Add to that the most perfect spring day – warm and bright, but not hot – and we couldn’t really go wrong, especially with her in that gorgeous gown!

Anybody who has spent 5 minutes with N knows that she smiles. A lot. And has one of the most infectious laughs you have ever seen!  This outtake may be one of my favorites of the day – I love it!


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