More spring fun!

I was excited when L contacted me to talk about doing some headshots – I’d done a shoot with her, her husband, and their absolutely adorable baby daughter last year (who, by the way, has exactly the same enormous, magnificently navy-blue eyes as her mom) and I knew we’d have a great time.   The weather has been unseasonably warm and we had an absolute blast outside in the spring sun (which even cooperated by being jusssst cloudy enough until late afternoon to make for great photographic light 🙂

There was a blue theme for some of the shoot  (could anybody resist those eyes?).   We had fun playing with a nearby wrought-iron porch, too; I couldn’t resist getting a bit artsy but  just loved all those grapevine scrolls and swirls!

I admit it – I absolutely love “Revlon Red” whether as lipstick, dress, shoes or any other adornment.   So you can imagine my delight when I saw the dress L had brought with her – our makeup artist loved it too!  We were thrilled to see how well it set off her flawless (did I say flawless?) complexion and made those blue eyes even bluer! (I swear this isn’t photoshop or contact lens magic – her eyes really are the most incredible shade of blue I think I’ve ever seen!)

And since I love black and white, and had a blast playing around with some retro-style processing, one more just for fun:


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