Sunny headshot session

Every year it’s the same: in midwinter it’s impossible to really imagine the heat, and now, looking back at January’s posts, it’s hard to remember the snow!  We’ve definitely had some pretty weirdly out of season weather this year, although we did get our usual first-week-of-June heatwave right on schedule.  Despite the blazing heat – it was bright, sunny,  and well into the 90’s by 8.30am –  C & I had an AWESOME time with this shoot right after Memorial Day.

C. swears his experience has all been onstage and that he’s never had worked in front of the camera, but he’s an absolute natural!!   “Matinee idol” looks + instinctively knows how to work the lens + one of the nicest guys in town = wonderful morning of shooting.

We started outside before the sun got too high in the sky.

After a while, we decided to move indoors – warm wood and stained glass made for awesome light!  C also has a fabulous and infectious laugh  – I’m so glad I managed to catch him in the middle of one!

Additionally, the indoor location gave us a chance to get some piano shots; while C. is first and foremost a singer, he’s also a talented pianist and wanted some shots to use when he’s functioning in that capacity as well.

As always, I couldn’t resist some fun(ky) processing for at least one shot….


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