A brace of redheads

Can we say… FUN??? These girls are not only gorgeous, but an absolute hoot to work with.

Summer Redhead #1

Meet A, who I am convinced is actually the musical world’s answer to Lucille Ball.    Not only smart and super-talented, but oh my goodness is she funny!  An infinite variety of expressions, and it was all I could do to keep up with her…..

alizon1Don’t be fooled by the fun and games, though – this lady is a serious singer who can do “princess” as well as she can “comedienne”, and dance while she does it.  How much fun is that?!


Summer Redhead #2

M. also wanted promotional images rather than “headshots” per se, and while we were chatting through our plans, she said, “I’m a nature girl and I grew up by the water” – I knew that we had to do this as an outdoor shoot, even in the middle of June  (= hot + humid + thunderstorms in Maryland).

Weather was super-iffy in the few days beforehand, but the day of the shoot was PERFECT – sunny, not that hot, and dry, with a beautiful light breeze coming off the lake.  Total luck, and we were very grateful!   We just had to stay there as the sun went down; so beautiful.




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