Never say “never”!!

Wedding photography is a pretty intense photographic specialty and the most common recommendation to newcomers is, “Don’t do it”!    So much though I love the “Pretty Pretty Princess” images I see all the time (which have provided inspiration for headshots more than once!),  when I started getting more involved in photography,  I made a conscious decision NOT to shoot them, and turned down the requests that have come my way.

This didn’t take into account my beautiful soprano friend and colleague Natalie (who you may recall from this session) – she simply wouldn’t take “no” for an answer!  I hesitated, but she totally talked me into it. And within a couple of weeks of agreeing to do that one, ANOTHER wonderful singer friend begged me to join her on her  day. Since I said “yes” to one, I HAD to say yes to the other!

Boy, am I glad I did. I’m delighted to say that with the encouragement and assistance of a wonderful colleague at each event (thanks, Shilliday Photography and Michael Glenn Photography!)  the days couldn’t have been any more enjoyable – I’m so glad these lovely couples persuaded me to share their special days!

Baltimore, MD


Stoudtburg Village, PA

First Picks4



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