IMG_9542-EditWhen the time came to create a photo site, I jokingly mentioned to friends that “Divatography” seemed an obvious  choice for a name given my background as a singer and a photographer. I wasn’t really serious – after all, I  don’t “only” shoot opera singers,  and  some people think “diva” means snooty and uncooperative,  which is a far cry from the playful and collaborative atmosphere I prefer to cultivate in my shoots!    But everybody liked it, and I kept coming back to it, despite it being a little bit silly (maybe even because it’s a little bit silly!).  It tells the story. It rolls off the tongue.  Most importantly,  it made me smile. I hope it will make you smile too!

Madeleine Gray is a professional opera singer with over 20 years performing experience in Europe and the USA. Her background as a performer and longstanding interest in photography is combined in her headshot and performance images – with a personal and professional understanding of the needs of performers both on and off the stage, she offers sessions  in the Baltimore/DC area designed to be fun while capturing high-quality, vibrant, and unique headshots and marketing images.

Please see the FAQ page for more info about headshot sessions and feel free to contact with any questions!

Information about Madeleine’s singing career and schedule can be found at www.madeleinegray.com