Please feel free to email me if you have any questions which aren’t answered below – I want you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself, so ask away!

How many pictures do you take in a session?

Short answer:  LOTS!  I don’t specify any number of shots, but rest assured you’ll have plenty of images  from which to make your selection – as a performer myself, I know how important that is, so ensure that you have plenty to choose from.  Typically the basic package will yield 30+ proofs, the standard shoot probably around 70 (or more),  and the extended shoot as many great ones as we get!  In fact, most of my clients have told me that because they like  so many of the images, choosing from their favorites for final editing was the hardest part…. 🙂

Do you shoot using studio or natural light?

Both!  The studio environment of course offers more control over light and conditions (and is sometimes the only choice in extreme weather), but I love to use natural light when it’s available.  I generally shoot  natural light (and augmented natural light) and studio looks in a single session, to give you lots of choices.

I’m fine when I’m performing, but I get really nervous in front of a camera and don’t know what to do – will you help me?

Of course!  Many performers (myself included) are more comfortable onstage than with a lens in their face – perfectly normal.  We’ll work together to bring out your personality during the shoot – come along ready to play and have some fun!   Because I shoot all-digital, it’s easy to shoot as many (or as few) shots as we like – we can try some fun, silly things, and if it doesn’t work…. we just try something else. No pressure. No fuss.  We will review images periodically during the shoot so you can see what they’re like and so we can make any adjustments as we go.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my shoot?

  • Get a good night’s sleep!
  • Drink lots of water – hydrated skin always looks better in photographs.
  • Have your hair cut/coloured and any waxing done a week or so before your shoot to give it time to settle in.
  • Practice!  Both in the mirror and, in this digital age, go ahead and take a quick snap to see what it might look like. Similarly, if you’re planning to do your own makeup, practice and see how it looks to a camera (remembering that lighting will also play a big part in the finished image).
  • Come prepared to enjoy yourself!  The more fun you’re having, the more it will show in your pictures.

What should I wear for my shoot?

  • Bring lots!  Everything from jeans to evening gowns, from t-shirts to tuxes – the more we have to choose from, the better.  (Please note that with the Basic Package we are unlikely to have time for a full change, but we can certainly do with/without jackets, add scarves etc, so still bring some things to choose from.)  Bottom line: if you don’t bring it, we CAN’T use it, so it’s better to err on the side of too many choices than not enough.
  • Pure white and black are best avoided – as are patterns (although a bold “statement” pattern can sometimes work as an effect).
  • Texture is always good
  • Keep it simple, with a flattering, unfussy neckline.
  • Keep jewelery simple, too – we want the emphasis on your face!
  • Please make sure your clothes fit well and are clean and pressed – guys, this is especially important for tailored jackets (and too big causes as many problems – possibly more! – than too small…)

Should I use a makeup artist, and can you recommend one?

If you are comfortable doing your own hair and makeup then you are certainly welcome to do so; this can sometimes result in a less structured look and atmosphere while we’re shooting.

An experienced makeup artist, however, may contribute to a more polished final image; it does of course add to the cost of the shoot, but depending on the look you want, it can be worth the investment. If you are aiming for a glamorous “high fashion” or magazine style, a makeup artist is pretty much a requirement.  I have a list of artists I work with and can recommend. Clients will make all arrangements (including payment) directly with the MUA.

Guys – and those doing your own makeup – please bring all your usual hair and skin products along with you so we have everything we might need for touch-ups during the shoot.

Also for guys:  if you want the “designer stubble” look in some shots, plan to come to the shoot unshaven and bring a razor/shaver so we can get both looks during the session.

How do I look at my proofs?

Proofs will be uploaded to an online gallery within two weeks of the shoot  for you to view and make your choices.

Do you provide prints?

I do not provide prints – all photographs are delivered digitally – although I can direct you to reputable printing services.

What about retouching?

I do all of my own editing and retouching, by hand – it takes longer than using automated software or sending it out to a retouching service, but I want the finished product to look like what I saw during the session.  After you have chosen the images you want to use, I will do the “deep editing” on those shots, including things like blemish removal and any other needed touch-ups.   I want the finished image to look like YOU on a fabulous day, and  any necessary retouching is done with that in mind.  I do not like the plastic-y, over-manipulated look, so rest assured that you will still look like yourself!   If you have any particular requests, by all means let me know either during your shoot or when you choose your final images and we can decide together how much or how little needs to be done.

What happens if I have to cancel my shoot – do I get my deposit back?

I will always try to reschedule for another date, particularly if you have to cancel due to illness (don’t come to a shoot ill – bad for both of us, as you won’t look your best, and I don’t want to catch what you have!).  The $50 deposit is non-refundable.

What sort of camera do you use?

I shoot all-digital Canon equipment, currently a Canon 5d Mark III; my  lenses have been  carefully chosen for their suitability to portraiture.