Why “Divatography”?

Shortly after my daughter was born, I needed to create an online email address to sign up for some coupons. I’m a singer, I’m a mom, and I’ve spent most of my life in the UK, so “divamum” was what came to mind.  Despite intending it to be a disposable address, I found I was using it more than the address attached to my ISP –  it even became my online “handle”, often shortened by my friends to “Diva” or even just “Deev”. It stuck.

When the time came to create a photo blog, “Divatography” seemed the obvious  if perhaps frivolous choice.  I rejected it as an idea at first –  I certainly don’t “only” shoot opera singers,  and the word “diva” to some means snooty and uncooperative, which is very far from the easygoing and collaborative atmosphere I prefer to cultivate in my shoots!    But I kept coming back to it.  It rolls off the tongue. It’s easy to remember.  Most importantly,  it made me smile.

I hope it will make you smile, too.