What people are saying…

Thank you so much for these beautiful images! I have never felt so comfortable in front of a camera as I did when working with you, and I’m so grateful to you for being so awesome!

“Oh. my. god. They are incredible. How am I supposed to pick?!  Really, there aren’t sufficient words to express how happy I am with these… I’m hoping to narrow it down to 6 or 7. Eeeek!”

“Thanks so much for all of your hard work. You turned an activity I absolutely hate into a very productive session with some great options.  Much appreciated.”

“Thank you for taking so many wonderful pictures. I have so many options and a clear sense of what I want to portray as a musician. Taking the time to have head shots was a great investment of time and money.”

“By the way I have had two auditions since I got my new headshots and I literally feel more confident going into auditions with a great photo.  Thanks for the boost!”

“I have to say, the whole process thus far has been so great!  I loved the shoot, the help beforehand and even the comments under the proofs.  For once, I agreed with many of the pictures that my photographer chose, so thank you!”

“YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!! Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!!   I can’t thank you enough!!!!  Pictures are perfect!!!!! “

“THANK YOU! I’m soo glad you posted the shot on Facebook!!! I think these are the best pictures I have ever had taken of me.”

“This has been SO HARD! I finally have the final decision.  Thank you so much! This was just awesome, and I had a lot of great compliments from all the people whose opinions I sought.”

“I am so excited to have pics that look like me and reflect my personality!”

“Thank you so much.  Your work was just so fantastic that I had an incredibly difficult time choosing!”

“Thank you so much! This is beautiful, EXACTLY what I had in mind.”

“They are so spectacular, I just don’t know what to say.   Thank you for the beautiful shots – does she now have to choose one? Wow…. “

Thanks again. I really feel like these photos capture my personality and are a true snapshot (pun intended!) of who I am now!

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